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Miss Blossom Design™ - award winning  logo design, branding, packaging design, and web design boutique.

Miss Blossom Design™A niche Graphic & Web Boutique

Glamorous Logo Design for Women in Business Beautiful Graphic Design for Print Glamorous and chic web design boutique

Award winning Integrated Logo, Graphic and Web Design

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San Francisco World Spirits Bronze Medal for Packaging Award for The World's first organic premixed vokka drink

Experienced Graphic & Web Design team To Build Your Brand

Get gorgeous with Miss Blossom Design™'s boutique graphic and web design studio. Obsessed with glamorous graphic design, luscious logo design and boutique web design, Miss Blossom Design™'s goal is to help female targeted, savvy entrepreneurs achieve effective and beautiful boutique branding, from your gorgeous logo design right through to professional e-commerce web design and development.

Miss Blossom Design™ is a true graphic and web boutique, creating gorgeous award winning, global graphic design, specialising in polished, professional, female-based graphic design, branding, packaging and website design, with a special passion for innovative start ups, niche businesses and growing womens' business.

Miss Blossom Design™ are the authentic, boutique graphic and web design company. The exquisitely crafted, feminine, custom branding, luxurious logo, gorgeous graphic and web designs are lovingly created with passionate inspiration and technological know-how.

Miss Blossom Design™'s graphic and web design goal is to elevate your elegant, feminine business, so it is not just savvy, but also really, really gorgeous.

Why is Miss Blossom Design™ A Leader in Award Winning Boutique Design?

  • Miss Blossom Design™ genuinely cares about your feminine or female oriented brand, business or boutique.
  • Miss Blossom Design™, since 2006 has a consistent track record of lovely, creative, effective brand strategies, visual identities and logo design for chic, boutique businesses.

  • Miss Blossom Design™respect, value and listen to our feminine or female targeted graphic and web design clients to anticipate, meet and exceed expectations of small and medium sized business.
  • Miss Blossom Design™ has a philosophy of transparency of processes, so there are no surprises at the end. If there are going to be unforeseen additional costs, we will left you know before we commence work.

  • Miss Blossom Design™ aims to make the often confusing process of building a new brand as simple to understand as possible and to thoroughly explain costings and aspects of the project at each stage, so you know what you are getting for your money.
  • Miss Blossom Design™ endeavours to be transparent at every stage, so you know exactly what is happening, how she works, meets time-lines and achieving certain milestones.

  • Miss Blossom Design™ is a Big Commerce Accredited Design Partner for E-Commerce Design, due to the successful implementation and development and proven track record in creating high ranking and successful e-commerce websites using the most powerful software available.
  • Miss Blossom Design™ is a genuine, boutique studio, not big company posing as a small, personal, hands on studio. We care passionately about every piece of design that comes out of the studio, from logos, business card through to large scale e-commerce.

  • Miss Blossom Design™ offers technologically advanced and industry appropriate print graphic design and web solutions tailored to the exact needs of each client.

  • Miss Blossom Design™ Design only engage the "crème de la crème" of administration staff, internet developers and graphic designers, when needed for overflow work.

Miss Blossom Design's™:

    • Book in a design project for your feminine boutique business for glam graphic design

      won a bronze award in 2013 in San Francisco's World Spirits Awards for her design for OM Cocktails

    • has been nominated for Telstra Businesswoman of the Year Awards in 2009 and 2011

    • has worked as a successful celebrity make up artist & was the official make up artist to Miss World Australia, Miss Asia Pacific and 2nd Runner Up Miss World, Sabrina Houssami

    • had make up make up work, products and words featured in specialist magazines such as Sydney Brides, New Woman Magazine, on and

    • won the Australian Catalogue Awards for art direction for a multinational cosmetics brand campaign

    • has her sites regularly featured on website award sites and showcases

    • is a regular contributor to beauty and small business trade magazines and blogs

    • has had packaging design shown on a massive billboard in New York's Time Square

    • has had beauty packaging design featured at New York Fashion Week, The Daily Mail, and many beauty blogs

    • has designed luxury travel magazines, exclusive private school and company prospectuses, health and medicine magazines, CD covers, DVD Covers, annual reports, large scale brochures and has extensive music, beauty, beverage, natural therapies, cosmetics and skin care industry design experience

    • is passionate about creating successful and glamorous logo design, graphic design and website designs that help our clients to succeed.

Dazzle Your Customer & Outshine Your Competition

Request a Glamorous, Boutique Web, Graphic or Logo Design QuoteFirst impressions count. In the boutique retail, spa, boutique, beauty or fashion business, that crucial first glance must hit the mark, like Cupid's bow. Miss Blossom Design™ knows that your glamorous graphic design needs to outshine the competition and dazzle your feminine customer with great looks that are more than skin deep.

While what's inside is important, the initial attraction for your female customer is how your business "moves" her emotionally. No matter how amazing your products and services are, if your target customer doesn't get past the first impression they'll never know.

Choosing Miss Blossom Design™ as your strategic branding, graphic design and website design partner in luxury graphics, boutique websites and feminine business marketing means you make the most of your design, development and marketing budget.

Miss Blossom Design™, over the many years in business graphic and web design, has helped build countless successful, boutique, feminine brands build their businesses from the ground up and has a proven track record for creating successful feminine brands. Miss Blossom Design™'s offer large agency intelligence, talent and expertise with a boutique studio service and value.

Miss Blossom Design™ specialises in creating the most exquisite, beautiful and feminine logos, boutique graphic design and quality, beautiful, technologically advanced website design for womens' business. If you want boutique products or services to resonate with customers, Miss Blossom is inspired, experienced and loves creating gorgeous logo design, beautiful business cards and glamorous boutique website design.

Large Agency Experience, Boutique Studio Design

Just like the larger corporate graphic and web design agencies,Miss Blossom Design™ graphic boutique offers a high-end, technically advanced, professional service in print and web design and development, and we also bring to the mix our passion for the stylish and feminine in graphic design and website design. Our niche market is specifically and unapologetically, the ultra-feminine, spa, beauty, skin care, cosmetics, hair healthcare, lifestyle and fashion area.

Miss Blossom Design™'s studio utilises the latest technology in collaboration software to effectively and easily communicate with our lovely clients. Located in a former brick kiln, converted into a studio, located in Sydney' s heavenly Northern Beaches, Miss Blossom Design™ aims to nurture and grow businesses internationally. Diane Kennedy is proud of Miss Blossom Design™'s proven, consistent track record of successful, happy and loyal clients.

Integrated, Intelligent, Cross Media Boutique Branding Design

  • Miss Blossom Design™'s knowledge and experience working with many new business owners means that she can help you start on the right foot, ensuring the success of your new brand, across all media from logos and branding, through to social media strategy.

  • Miss Blossom Design™ ensures her clients' business marketing approach is integrated across the board to attract the savvy and highly fickle target market for beauty, lifestyle or fashion. She knows that the pivotal piece of the branding puzzle lies within the logo and brand image.

  • Miss Blossom Design™ builds beautiful, boutique businesses from the ground up, creating a strong yet feminine brand foundation across all the identity elements. This strong and beautiful look and feel is then carried through all your print and web collateral reinforcing your business message.

  • Miss Blossom Design™ will ensure that your company, business or brand is the best dressed "lady" on the block.

Our Glamorous Graphic and Web design Services Include:

Wherever she can, Miss Blossom Design™ chooses socially responsible and ecologically sustainable graphic and website design solutions for business processes. This includes:

  • Using carbon neutral web hosting for our site through Digital Pacific Blossom® is environmentally responsible, ecologically sustainable and cares for the planet

  • Recycling everything in the studio - ink cartridges, paper, plastics, glass Blossom® is environmentally responsible, ecologically sustainable and cares for the planet

  • Offering eco-friendly print alternatives to clients when requested Blossom® is environmentally responsible, ecologically sustainable and cares for the planet

  • Miss Blossom Design™outsources services with social responsibility. Blossom® is environmentally responsible, ecologically sustainable and cares for the planet

Gorgeous Themed Graphic and Web Portfolios

  • Make Up Artists and CosmeticsMore information on Make up artists and cosmetics

  • Beauty Salons and SpasMore information on Beauty Salons, Day Spas, and Cosmetics Themed design

  • Fashion and Boutiques More information on Fashion and Boutique web and Graphic Design

  • Cakes, Sweets and Desserts More information on cakes and dessert themed graphic and web design

Miss Blossom Design™ has Beauty & Brains

Miss Blossom Design™ has a luscious, vintage-inspired, boutique exterior and also backs up the pretty facade with a powerhouse of technical graphic artwork and web design and programming skills, creative talent, wealth of experience and hands-on knowledge of branding and marketing spa, beauty, cosmetics, lifestyle, wellness, fashion and online retail businesses.

Miss Blossom Design™ has clear online processes and protocols in place to ensure all projects flow smoothly and successfully, regardless of distance or geographical location or the size of the project. Despite the distance we will get to know you really well through the process.

There are other design sites out there that may, on the surface, look a little similar to Miss Blossom Design™. BUT....look a little closer and you will find Miss Blossom Design™'s work is significantly more clever in terms of design, typography, creativity, originality, technology, processes and professionalism.

Miss Blossom Design™'s so much more beautiful, with exquisite finishing touches and intricate details that make the work that little bit more elegant. Our approach is much fresher, working processes and methodology that bit smoother, website coding is SEO friendly and technologically advanced. Miss Blossom Design™ clients have found that all of this is enough to drive business success to the next level.

Your Business Idea Deserves "Extraordinary" Design

Why settle for "almost" when you can have "spot on"? It is that competitive edge that Miss Blossom Design™ offer that gives our clients a boost ahead of the competition.

Miss Blossom Design™ really looks forward to adding that extra "oomph" and "sparkle" to your feminine boutique business.

The Web Miss Blossom Design™

Miss Blossom Design™ Design wants You To Bloom and Grow.