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Wordpress With WooCommerce

Why Choose woocommerce to Add E-Commerce to your blog?

WooCommerce allows Miss Blossom Design™ to transform your WordPress® website into a function rich e-Commerce store. WooCommerce delivers enterprise-level quality and features.

  • Customer Friendly

  • Developer Friendly

  • Administration Friendly


WooCommerce 2.0+ has been fully security audited by the leading WordPress security firm Sucuri to ensure it meets the highest WordPress security standards possible.

Comprehensive Store Management

Easily manage your simple, digital (downloadable) and variable (sizes,colours) products in WooCommerce with our intuitive UI. Assign Store Managers to handle the day to day management of your store.


Fully understand your sotres porformance with a detailed view to check out reports per month, per product category or even per individual product.

Marketing & Promotion

Get sales moving by running complex coupon campaigns at your online boutique, offering a range of discount options, usage limits and product / user restrictions as well as free shipping.

Intricate tax & Shipping options

With WooCommerce you can use various methods including shipping classes to create intricate shipping rules. Configure comprehensive tax settings with tax classes and local tax rates. It's tricky to set up, but we can help if you desire.


For technical information, WooCommerce markup adheres to Schema vocabulary to fully assist your search engine rankings and is, of course written in fully semantic HTML5 markup, which means that search engines can read your site accurately and send visitors accordingly.

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