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Boutique Web Design & Development Process

At Miss Blossom Design™ we try to make the process of boutique web design and development, whether it is a standard site, Wordpress® or Big Commerce E-Commerce build, as clear, simple and transparent as possible.

Having a beautiful website designed and built can be confusing, especially to the newcomers, so Miss Blossom Design™ have the following processes in place to simplify and clarify this sometimes confusion process.

By breaking the process up into clear smaller steps/milestones, everyone knows who to deal with, what to provide and what will be provided. These steps are outlined in detail below:

Step 1.You complete Your web planner & creative brief Form

After you approve the quote and you have committed financially and contractually to the project by paying a 50% deposit and have thoroughly read our terms and conditons, you will be sent an email by Abbie (Di's PA) to the following links:

  • Web Planner Form - this provides Miss Blossom Design™ with the structure you want for your site, along with any needed hosting information, domain information, user-names, passwords, social media links, pages, posts, products and categories, depending upon the type of site.

    All our forms form a contract so please be detailed and careful about filling it in. You will be asked to read and agree to our terms and conditons at this stage, so please make sure you have done this. If you have any questions please ask Abbie or Diane. If you would like to put the plan into Powerpoint for is that's fine, as long as you upload this into the form at the end.

  • Creative Brief Form - Also a contract, this form gives you the guide to outline what the site will look link and the more information and links the better.

    If you don't give us all the information, we may end up going in the wrong direction for you, wasting your budget and our time and we want to give you the best bang for your buck. So please give us all the creative details we need:

      • Pinterest Board - the most important part because it gives us a visual guide on how to design your site, in your own personal taste. Never assume we know what you like, because we may not. Please add at least 10 images/pins, showing a wide range of colours, elements with why you like it and why you are sharing it and how this relates to your site.

      • Word Document/Collage - we also really like visual guides, so if this is easier for you please get images via an image search like Google images, and create a collage in word for us.

      • Colour Palettes - you can send a link via our colour page, upload to Pinterest, or send us a link from or with the colours you like. If you aren't sure just write down that you aren't sure.
      • Be Specific and Detailed - there are words we see a lot: glamorous, elegant, gorgeous, feminine and so on, that are open to intepretation. This leaves a gap in your brief. If you can show us an image or add a link to illustrated what this means for you we will have a chance of creating something that suits your style and taste.

      • Fill Out All Fields - Please do not leave any fields open. If you don't understand, write "not sure" or if you don't think it is relevant say "not relevant" or similar. A form with very little content sets off our alarm bells and we will probably ask you to re-do it so we "get to know you" creatively. We aren't asking you do do our job, just to convey your style, and the colours, textures, and feel you want for your site.

You will also be asked again to read and agree to our terms and conditons at this stage, so please do. If you have any questions please ask Abbie or Diane.

Miss Blossom Design™ will also give you access to our online collaboration software called BasecampHQ. This will give you access to all your messages, responses, files and information. We use this to create user and time specific to-do lists and milestones, dated messages in order, files, and codes. We ask all our clients to keep correspondence in Basecamp, by either logging in via the web link youwill be given, or replying to our emails from basecamp above the line, and it will automatically place your message in order. This helps us to track messages and requests.

Step 2. Miss Blossom Design Provides a Site Flow Diagram

You then approve the diagram or make changes, until we have a diagram that reflects site sites flow exactly. You then, in an email, sign off on this diagram, and we move forward.

3. Miss Blossom Design™ Creates A Single Page Concept


In order to determine the creative direction, Miss Blossom Design™ designs one page, in Adobe Photoshop, to give you an idea of how the site will look and feel. If you want to make changes to the look and feel, this is the time to do it. We offer a few rounds of revisions on this page. This page is either the front page (static HTML), a product page (BigCommerce® or a post page (Wordpress®). You will be sent this page at 100% via BasecampHQ, and make sure you open it in a separate window and view at 100% in your browser so you know how it will look.

Step 4. You sign off on this concept or ask us to make revisions

Please note: Once this page is signed off, changes to the design of the paragraph styling, heading and sub heading styling, bulleted text, header, footer, social media icons, and any other elements that are site-wide regardless of the page, may incur additional costs, so before you sign off on this page, we make sure you are 100% happy with the design. Once you, the client has signed off/agreed to the concept, in an email, we create an additional 4 pages.

Step 5. Design or Remaining Concepts for Other Key Pages

Miss Blossom Design™ then sets about creating the other pages for the website, which is very detailed, and shows the placement of elements, text styles, functionality and details on specific page. We usually use dummy Latin copy on these concepts, as they are not finished page, but mock ups of how the site will look. There will be slight variations from the final product because of browsers window size and resolution, device type, browser type and operating system. We try to get it as close as possible, but please bear this in mind.

Note: you can make changes to the middle content layout at this stage, but changes to the main elements that were in the first page and you signed off on, will be charged additionally, so make sure you are happy before signing off/agreeing to the concept, in an email.

We revise the middle elements if you need us to, until it has everything you need, and where you want it.

step 6. Boutique Website Development/Coding

This stage can also be called "cutting up". This is where we create detailed instructions for our developer to turn our Photoshop file into a fully functional website. It is painstaking and labour intensive so make sure that you are 100% before you sign off on the step before this.

Our developer takes the layered Photoshop concepts which we have organised into layer groups so it is easier for him to understand and he then codes the site, using html and css, to build the site's template structure for each page. We also embed fonts, create images, and build to strict standards.

step 7. Boutique Website Development Testing and Tweaking

Sometimes when we develop/code the site it looks a little different between browsers so we need to add extra code to ensure cross browser compatibility. Miss Blossom Design™ checks how each page renders. You will be given a look at this stage, to make sure it works correctly in your browser as well. If you have a Level 3 or 4 and the mobile site design is included, we will also build a responsive design the detects the device and renders it for a mobile or tablet.

If you are on a Level 1 Package you will be invoiced for the remaining 50% of the project and the site will be handed over to you to add content, products and anything else you want to add. The copyright granting of ownership is only granted once the site is paid for in full.

step 8. Add Content/Pages/Products to your website

If you are on a Level 1 package this step doesn't apply to you, but Level 2, 3 and 4 have varying degrees of content to add and we do that at this stage. You would have provided the text/copy for this at briefing/planning stage so we insert the text from your word document. If we are adding images you would have shared a folder with us, and we will be cropping and or uploading if that is part of your package.

Invoice - we will invoice you for 25% of the quoted price at this stage.

step 9. Final Touches on your boutique Website

Both you, the client, and Miss Blossom Design™ will go through the site with a fine tooth ensuring the site is ready to launch, making any tweaks if it is not. If you are on a Level 1 package this doesn't apply.

step 10. "Go live" launch Your Boutique Website

This is where you tell all your friends and family and clients you are now live. If you are on a Level 2,3 or 4 Package this is when you are invoiced for the remaining 25% of the invoice plus any additional extras. We will then hand over the site to you. The copyright granting of ownership is only granted once the site is paid for in full.

Post site changes

Miss Blossom Design™ will offer email support regarding design for 2 weeks post site launch. If you are with Big Commerce® and it is a functionality or technical support question content their support. If it is a design issue, get in touch with us. If it is a Wordpress® site we offer email support and tweaks for issues that are as a result of our design. In some cases this 2 week period may be extended, but we will let you know in writing if it is, so if you are making changes 2 weeks after final launch, you may be billed for our time.

Changes after 2 weeks are billable at our hourly rate.

This should clarify any issue regarding the way that we work on websites.

A note on telephone calls

Miss Blossom Design™ takes administrative calls between 9am - 5pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday on 61 2 8012 2002. If your query is a design related matter, please put it in writing, via BasecampHQ in the correct project, so that Diane gets it and it can be added to the project's "to-do list" and/or "milestones" in BasecampHQ. Miss Blossom Design™ is a small business so we do not have dedicated account managers for each project.

Time spent on the phone with Diane is time taken out of the deisgn part of the project. Each project is priced according to the time spent desiging or developing, not on account management. For some packages we allow for a certain time for telephone support. It will be in your invoice if there is a telephone support allowance.

Due to lack of documentation, Miss Blossom Design™ cannot accept phone calls for design related matters, such as taking or changing a brief. This is because we cannot go back and check and errors may be made or expectations may be different for each party. This policy is to protect both you and Miss Blossom Design™ from misinterpretation. We put everything in writing and ask our clients to do the same thing, so both parties are clear on the project information, scope, revisions or agreements.

Miss Blossom Design™ look forward to working with you on your beautiful new site.