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Client Testimonials

Love Letters From Clients

Carla Hansson - Aesthete Skincare

❝The site looks great. You and your team have done a phenomenal job. I'm really happy that I found you when I did and hope to continue our business relationship as Aesthete grows. Until next time...❞

Norwest Dance and Tiny Toes Ballet

❝Dear Di,
I received a copy of Sydney’s Child Magazine last night and our ad looks absolutely beautiful – thank you so much. We have had calls already from your magic. Thank you so much xx
Rebecca Kidner❞

Fevour Cosmetics Team

❝Diane, your ability to think "outside the box" is a rare gift... Very few have this certain "It Factor." Your work is simply amazing as you have truly brought Fevour Cosmetics' vision to life as we LOVE our new site and can't wait til its launch. Thanks for being honest and for sharing your beautiful spirit and talents. Here's to a lasting working relationship... ❞

The Bling Queen

❝ Thank you so much for your beautiful work and detail on every little item we require for our business. Never settle for less than the best, no matter how far away they are. Distance is not an issue with Blossom. Di manages to produce perfection with every piece she creates.

Michelle Crofts - creative Director, Harlotte Cosmetics

❝ The palettes [Smokey Eye Palettes and Bronzer Palettes] look absolutely divine... Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I am thrilled with the outcome and can’t wait for you to see them. ❞

Sarina - Lady Diva Nails and Beauty, and Divalicious Skincare

❝ Everything is perfect and I am so happy with your work! ❞

Kezia - formerly Hypnotic Make Up Artistry and now Kezia May Artistry

❝Oh my gosh, it is delicious!!! I love it :-) It is perfect! WOW, you rock! But other than that, it is just perfect! I luv,
luv it... Super excited!!! ...I have tears in my eyes. I wish I had found you earlier! It is just what I dreamed of! Thank you, thank you!! ❞

Leesa - The Bling Queen

❝ Thank you so much for your beautiful work and detail on every little item we require for our business. Never settle for less than the best, no matter how far away they are. Distance is not an issue with Blossom. Di manages to produce perfection with every piece she creates. ❞

Koali - Botanika Spa

❝I ♥ my graphic designer Blossom Graphic and Web Design. Di has created such beautiful pieces for my new little biz!! Now off to the printer they go ... so excited. ❞

Amanda - Southern Swank Boutique

❝Thank you so much for all your help! I couldn't be more pleased and you nailed it on the first time!! Thank you for being so fast and so amazing!!❞

Janie - Pretty & Cute

❝Also before I forget~ I wanted to thank you for all the beautiful work you and your team have done for my business.❞

Delia Teixeira - Delia Candles

❝What a beautiful work darling! Everything you do is magic.❞

Jenna Marie - Le Pink Petite Patisserie

❝I am so in love with my new branding, it is so amazing that we can share our inner thoughts and transform it into a vision of delight!... YOU ARE ONE TRULY GIFTED WOMAN DIANE Thank you

DeAnn - The Bodacious Beauty

❝ I feel so blessed to have you in my life! You are an amazing designer and friend.❞

Raelene - Face Booth

❝ The process this week has been a true example of a company underpromising and over delivering. When I discovered Blossom and viewed the designs, they literally took my breath away! The level of customer service you've extended to Face Booth this week has been as exceptional as your designs. Thank you for accommodating our needs in what is clearly a hugely busy time for you. Thank you!❞

Beth Power, Glam Doll

❝ I just recieved the business cards [and] they look fantastic. I love them!❞

Alexa Prisco - Owner and Make Up Artist, The Glam Fairy

❝ Wow the blog looks GLAMTASTIC! i love it! Love love love it! Thanks so much!…i am so excited and i really appreciate you working so hard on this. Everyone absolutely loves your work.❞

❝That logo is GORGEOUS… you're a genius.❞

❝This [the website] looks absolutely amazing ... love love love what you have done with the fan page! I think its incredible! Love the new Chandelier!... Love how you swapped out the chair! I am so in love with this! You have really nailed it. The social tabs are just what I wanted. You really are a genius. I am so excited!❞ Visit The Glam Fairy site

Jac Bowie - Bijou Events, Burlesque Ball, Miss Burlesque Australia

❝ I adore you Ms Kennedy. You are the BOMB!...honey you rock massively.❞

❝pardon the french, but site looks hot. You rock my world sunshine...You are AMAZING!!! I love it - i'm already in there trying to make the content as cool as the look of it!❞ - Visit site...

Danni Farrugia Make Up Artist

❝HI Diane, I just recieved my cards they are beautiful thankyou very much ❞

La Toya's Closet

❝ Thank you so much and thank you for the great work! :) ❞

Linda - Sleep Secret

❝Hi Di, Wow, thank you so much. The site is fabulous. It is so PRETTY, calm and restful to browse around, which is exactly what I wanted. I could not have described to you images I wanted but you got them spot on, and they add a bit of fun, and also the quotes are perfect. Thanks again for such a wonderful interpretation of an image I had in my head but hard to describe. So happy.❞

Lucy - my Brood Boutique

❝YIPEEEEEEEE!!!! This is fantastic! I absolutely love it – its exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much. Its perfect.❞

Vivian - Beyond Indulgence Salon and Spa

❝I’m very pleased & happy with the final result...I’m so excited & can’t wait to get it up & running…most of my clients plus family have been waiting to check the site out. : ) Can’t thank you enough, it’s been a pleasure working with you...Thank you once again, I’m so glad I found you on the net!! For those who have seen my logo – they love it! Would recommend you to anyone❞

Danielle King - Model Behaviour

❝The ads look soooo good – we are rapt! Geez you are so clever and talented!!!
Thanks again so much – they look amazing!!!❞

Maria - Modern Bride

❝It's perfect. Thank you so much for what you have done. It all looks amazing. Thank you for your patience, you are a great designer.❞

Jamielynn - Make Up Artist, New York, NY, USA

❝I am very impressed with your work! You definitely have a creative eye for business oriented designs. What amazes me is that I live in New York and you designed a business card that captures who I am. I love it! Later in the near future, I would love for you to design my website... Thank you❞

Greg Kiger,  Blushgirl Boudoir Photography OH, USA

❝As a guy launching a new Boudoir photography business, I knew that I needed a website that would speak to women in their own language, one of beautiful, sophisticated and elegant graphic design. That's exactly what I got for my new website from Blossom Design. Working with a designer half-way around the world sounded kind of wild but Di made it very easy. Beyond good design, Di stuck to her estimates, was SEO savvy and delivered my site on deadline – all good business. I am very glad I found Blossom Design.❞

Jessica, Cocoon Apothecary

❝I want to thank you for the beautiful designs that you have provided. I am confident that they will take our business to the next level. Your level of professionalism and customer service was extraordinary.❞

Tennille, Presto! Tan

❝I am actually in tears! I LOVE IT! So does everyone else! WOW!

Kimberly - Let's Face It Salon

❝Di, thank you so much. I LOVE it, I can't stop looking at it! I can't wait to get them printed. You are such a pleasure to work with, so easy going! Thanks.❞

Loretta Kiss, Blush and Bloom

❝Thank you so much! The logo looks beautiful. I’ve already had lots of comments.❞

Kathryn, My Top Drawer

❝I love my new logo, it provides a great a basis for building the brand of my new business. The service has been fantastic, so fast and efficient, it has been very much appreciated.❞

Rebecca Geddes - Sweet Sugar Wall Graphics

❝My business has been a personal goal of mine for many, many years. Now that I am here I couldn’t have found anyone more perfect than you to create my website. Thank you for your creative vision, unstoppable drive and attention to detail. A true result of your own personal success. You are everything I needed and so much more.❞

Spa Website Design

Jessica Danninger, La Fête des Femmes

❝I love it. ...Wonderful job!...It's been a pleasure to work with you.❞

Renee Mullineux, Director, Bondi Princess

❝Di is a creative genius! She has been instrumental in our brand's vision, creating our logo, brochures and advertising materials.

The gorgeous, girly designs are beautiful and inspiring. Her professionalism and friendly approach to each project has seen my expectations exceeded every time! I highly recommend Di and Blossom to any business wanting to create a beautiful brand and elevate their profile.❞

❝Thank you for providing such an exceptional, friendly service. The whole design process has been a pleasure and I'm ecstatic with the results!❞

❝I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Thank you so much, as always you are amazing and exceed my expectations! I love the text that you came up with and I love the imagery, magic!!! I don't know how you do it, but you always manage to capture exactly what I'm after! Thanks so much once again!❞

Sam, Iinspire &

❝I just wanted to say avery big thanks for all your hard work on our sites.❞

Iris, La Vie Cherie

❝First I just have to tell you I am so excited about the site!! It’s looking great! Adorable. Thank you so much. We really appreciate you.❞

Mallory, La Vie Cherie

❝We love it you are incredible. Its so me!!"

"Thank you so much. We all absolutely LOVE the logo! You hit it right on the nail!❞

Valerie, La Vie Cherie

❝I'm so honored by this business card! I can't wait to get them printed. You have no idea how you captured my style. THANK YOU!"

"Di, You so hit the mark, it makes me want to both laugh and cry. I don't know if even the Sleight's know how many dresses with long coats I have? And I always wear them with a vintage brooch. And Mal's image! You completely captured the beautiful and charming way she stands. Beautiful work! THANK YOU!❞

Jacki and Kerry, The Perfect Thing

❝We just want to say THANK YOU. We came to you, complete novices in e-commerce and now feel that we can not only run an internet business, but make it a success. From our logo design to our webshop, everything is perfect. The overall look of our site is exactly what we asked for from the very beginning. You not only filled us with the confidence that we could do it but we felt we had made the right choice in you from the start.

Your original ideas and attention to detail are second to none. The countless questions we asked you over the past few months have never been a bother to you.

We are so lucky to have found a web-site designer such as yourself. We feel it was our good fortune that day to sit down and google "boutique website design" and find you.

Again, thank you, you have made our transition into the world of e-commerce much easier.❞

Britt Collinson, Director, Britt Designs

❝I just love the web site!! Just want to say it again!! Thanks❞

Aileen Kendall, Damsel Cosmetics Beverly Hills

❝OH MY! You have blown us away, not that I expected anything less. The images look incredible. YOU INSPIRE ME! P.S. I don't think I have seen such a smile on James face since the birth of our girls❞

❝You have done and amazing job and I value and trust all you do!❞

Keith Hyams, Cake Lingerie

❝You are a superstar.. what can I say!!!❞

❝Thanks for yet another amazing job on the look book and postcard..Have a lovely weekend.❞

❝On behalf of Tracey and myself, I would like to thank you all for a superb team performance. Wow, what an outcome and can't wait to have the images out there in commercial use. We certainly couldn't have done it without you and we appreciate you giving up your weekend to achieve the goal.❞

Tracey Montford - Cake Lingerie

❝Thanks. You have done a great job. I love it- so happy! ❞

Fran and Mike - Infusion

❝OMG - we absolutely LOVE the new label!! We also love the first grouping you sent and would like to use the first grouping for our "mature" line and this new one for our more "youthful" line. Thank you so much!! You guys are amazing.❞

Petrina Milas, Make Up Artist

❝You’re a genius – perfect. Thanks so much for a brilliant job!❞

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