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Start Your Own Boutique Cosmetics Line

Miss Blossom Design™ are Australian agents of a highly professional Canadian cosmetic, skincare and tool, private label manufacturer. Miss Blossom Design™ have a thorough knowledge of how to get you started, design and develop make up and/or skincare lines. Di Kennedy has helped many well known brands develop their ranges, from product selection, product sourcing, packaging, through to labelling and marketing. Miss Blossom has all the information you need to start, develop and grow your own fabulous make up/skincare label from the ground up.

Start Your Own Beauty Label - No Minimums*

No minimums, great packaging, unbelievable quality and amazing colour selection, make this the perfect choice for a small business looking to create a boutique, contemporary make up line, without the huge start up costs of custom manufacturing and packaging.

Private label QR codeFor access to the complete shade charts and product catalogue, as well as the private label make up and tools price list, complete our private label application form below. If you cannot see the form below please use this link: or the QR code to the right.

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