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Unique, Boutique Logo Design Process

Every logo project is as unique as the business owner. At Miss Blossom Design™ we aim to make the process of logo design and subsequent branding as simple and cost effective as we can, so you get the best for your money and the result you want. Because Miss Blossom Design™ deals with many clients new to the process we have outlined the process below.

In order to manage client expectations, Miss Blossom Design™ have a strict online process in place to make sure that the process flows in the most appropriate direction towards a great result.

Years of working with a range of entrepreneurs, both experiences and newbies, means Diane Kennedy has fine tuned the process. Below is a diagram that illustrates how that process flows.

Notes about submitting your creative brief

So that Miss Blossom Design™ understands exactly what you want we ask for you to complete a brief. This is via an online form and every question is important, so if you leave any questions blank we will ask you to send us more information. The most important part are the visual references, such as:

Pinterest Boards and Pins - pins that reflect the feeling/look that you are after along with a description and why you have pinned it. Pinterest boards

Links to Sites You Like - visual references and styles are vital to help us determine the direction, please send as many links as you can with reasons why you like them.

Colours You Like - there is a colour chart on our site at: Blog on how to create a brief for a graphic or web design.

Blog post outlining the importance of the brief Blog on how to create a brief for a graphic or web design.

About The Font Selection Process

Miss Blossom Design™ have added a step in our logo design process which is to narrow down font choices.

At the very beginning, unless a client has created an album in we will send you a selection of fonts that we consider fit the bill for your logo. These are black only and numbered and designed to help us narrow down the sort of typography that you like. Out of these 12 - 20 fonts, we ask you to choose 3, 6 or 9 of your favourites, depending on your logo package, and we will use these to develop your logo.

Miss Blossom Design™ have found that this helps speed things up, and our clients feel as if they are part of the process. We aren't asking you to design, we are just looking for direction so that you get what you love.

We have also added a logo specification sheet, as illustrated at the bottom of this page.

Luxuruous, boutique logo design process diagram Provide information pertaining to the original logo design brief Present concepts via BasecampHQ Offer feed back on logo concepts Resent revisions to logo design based upon feedback offer additional beautiful logo design feedback Embellishments for logos


If at any time you are confused, unhappy or need advice or assistances, you can call Abbie on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, or email Diane directly,or message us online using BasecampHQ software, which manages our projects.

Notes on effective logos

1. Provide a vector version

This is a base file that allows scalability. Miss Blossom Design™ also provide logos in psd files that have a background and style effects (for example to emulate gold embossing on a flat four colour print job). As most of our clients need there logos for the web, business cards, brochures and posters, the Adobe Photoshop "ornate" version is usually perfect. Miss Blossom Design™ always however supply a plain vector version of the logo for things like car lettering and signage).

2. Keep fonts to a minimum

Miss Blossom Design™ generally only use 1 - 2 fonts in a logo, generally 1 script and one simpler font. Anything more and it looks like a ransom note. Miss Blossom Design™ would rarely use 2 different script fonts for example. There is usually one for the main name and then a simpler font for the descriptive part (e.g. "beauty salon", "makeup artist", "day spa").

3. Keep It Legible

If it cannot be read close up or from a distance it won't work effectively as a brand. It need to be immediately legible/readable so people don't walk on by. Make the brand instantly recognisable. This is why certain fonts are unusable. Miss Blossom Design™ are experts in typography and know, glancing at a font, immediately if it will work as a logo. We offer clients a series of differnt fonts once the brief has been received, so the client feels a part of the process.

4. Big and Small

Your new logo needs to be readable and workable on a cosmetics compact or a billboard. This is why we supply a vector version as this is infinitely scalable. The fancy version of the logo can be scaled up to about A0 size and scaled down for social media icons, but larger than A0 it loses image quality, which is why we will supply a simple vector version. Likewise the fancy logo will be too busy to fit on a compact lid (and most cosmetic printing on contacters is just one colour) so the vector version is used in that case.

5. Works on light and dark backgrounds.

Miss Blossom Design™ make sure your logo works on both dark and light background so you have complete design flexibility.

6. Avoid to many elements.

Miss Blossom Design™ is slightly different to most design companies. While a brand is a simple, single image that garners instant recognition. We believe that customers respond to a look and feel, and not just a plain symbol, (as in Coke or Macdonalds). Yes we offer the simple vector version of the logo, and this works well for fast food and drinks, but we are about giving the clients a more elaborate range of visual cues, and elements that then used together to create a feeling of sumptuousness and luxury.

Boutique Logo Specification Sheet

Above is a sample specification sheet that we now supply with all our logo projects, along with all the elements you meet to maintain your brand integrity.

Sites Miss Blossom Design™ recommend to get ideas and help develop your inspiration so you can better communicate your visual ideas:

Pinterest Logo Blossom Design Behance



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