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How Do I Set Up My Email

Basics Of Setting Up a Email With A New Host Server

When you sign up with a new host server (where your website files are stored so that they can be accessed through a web browser) you need to do the following before we re-delegate the name servers (point your new domain name to the new files of your website):

  • back up all your emails if you use browser based email through your host's control panel

  • set up the email details to receive emails on your computer or device (incoming mail server)

  • set up your mail program to send emails on your computer or device (outgoing mail server)

Email Address Names

At Blossom® we have several email addresses to help organise the many emails we get per day (e.g we have each person who works here, say as well as an email for each section of the company (e.g. - for quotes, as well as a general accounts@blossomgraphic ). This means that if we are looking for a quote request or a creative biref we know which account it will be under.

We started out this way, so that as our business grew we were able to manage emails.

SPAM - Self Promotional Advertising Material

A note about SPAM - you will get spam. And lots of it. Just make sure you mark it is junk (on your mac or PC program, so anything like that will be put in the trash n ext time. Also unsubscribe to anything that you never read (except our newsletter of course!).

Hoaxes & Scams

The are many email hoaxes floating around at any given time. Check out Hoax Slayer if you get something that either sounds too good to be true or that you aren't sure of.

Incoming Mail Server

Your incoming mail server will be that of your host server, they will send you a welcome email with those details and the outgoing mail server will be your internet service provider's (ISP) details (see below).

Setting Up Your Email Addresses with Your New Host

Big Commerce - How Do I Set Up My New Email on Bg Commerce

Big Commerce

Digital Pacific - How to Set Up A POP Email Account

Boutique Eco Environmentally Website Hosting

Outgoing Mail Services (Australia)

When setting up your email on your computer or phone, you will need to know the outgoing mail server(STMP) of your internet service provider (ISP).

Below is a list of the main ones we use here in Australia. Your incoming mail server will be from the host company that provide your hosting and email services.


Outgoing Mail Server


Bigpond :

Blink Internet :

Dodo :

iiNet :




Optusnet :

Ozemail :

People Telecom : (NSW)

Three (3G Mobile) :


Unwired : **

Virgin Mobile 3G

Vodafone 3G

If you need further help, contact your host server to support you or help talk you through. Below are a list of our preferred host servers (go for Big Commerce if you want a good, secure, stable e-commerce platform.

Big Commerce Link

Boutique Eco Environmentally Website Hosting

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