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Professional, Boutique Packaging Design Services

Gwyneth Paltrow
“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.”
― Gwyneth Paltrow

Award Winning Feminine and Boutique Packaging Experts

When fashion, lingerie, skincare beauty, liquor and cosmetics brands take pride in beautiful presentation as well as intelligent products, it makes the end user feel important and special; it ultimately makes the target market want to own that product regardless of the price.

View the Blossom Graphic and Website Design PortfolioWe provide experienced, professional graphic design for:

  • boutique skin care packaging

  • spa and salon private label advice and packaging

  • cosmetics and make up products

  • food and beverage packaging

  • retail point of sale packaging and displays

  • jewellery packaging and retail tags

  • fashion display packaging and box designs

  • eco friendly packaging options

Blossom Graphic Design has very experienced solutions on virtually any scale of packaging design. This means that we can offer the most appropriate packaging solution for your lovely product.  The market is very competitive, so why let the competition beat you because their product is prettier?

Harlotte Cosmetics Palette Design

Recent Harlotte Cosmetics Palette Design

While what is on the inside is important, in beauty, cosmetics, lingerie and fashion, graphic design and marketing, the outside presentation is the enticement to which your customers will be drawn.

Book in a design project for your feminine boutique businessWe are true packaging fanatics. Designers spend most spare time in beauty salons, department stores, confectionery counters, you name it...if there is beautiful packaging, we'll be there, rummaging, buying, sampling. Blossom designers are serious , if they didn't do this for a living they would be in big trouble. Blossom literally has cupboards full of beautiful packaging samples, boxes, envelopes, bags, folders, compacts, labels, lips, dispensers and more. We have been collecting this reference material forever.

Blossom Graphic Design is a full service packaging graphic design studio and our main goal is to inspire, enlighten and invigorate your brand's point of sale and packaging.

The Most Feminine Graphic Designers in the World

Om Cocktails wins Bronze at World Spirits Competition Design by Blossom®

We are Beauty & Fashion Packaging Addicts

Would you like our attention, experience and knowledge focused on your brand's packaging? Who better to design your packaging than total packaging nut's, who are both obsessive and dedicated to producing the most beautiful packaging design on the planet.

Blossom's Glamorous Packaging Services :