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E-Newsletter Template Design & Graphics

An opt-in email newsletter is a powerful marketing and communication tool that can serve businesses in a number of ways. To view our most recent email newsletter click here... We use Mail Chimp for our email newsletter service.

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A well designed and timed e-Newsletter

  • puts you back in front of your clients

  • is eco friendly and relatviely inexpensive

  • refreshes your client's memory about you

  • tells your clients about specials and products

  • updates your customer about news and events

  • helps you to reconnect with your client
  • is a beautiful reflection of where your boutique business is headed

  • read our most current newsletter below:

Blossom e-newsletter for boutique businesses

Rules of Email Marketing

  • ON POINT - Keep it relevant and interesting to your client

  • FRESH - Ensure the information is up to date and contemporary

  • QUALITY - Make sure the content is well written, entertaining and inspiring.

  • EXCLUSIVE - Offer insider "inside info" that exclusive to subscribers.

Sign Up Process (Opt In)

  • Inform the visitor of the benefits of signing up

  • Tell the client how often it will arrive in their email in box

  • Offer a reward for signing up (e.g. a coupon code or % discount on their next purchase)

  • Offer a preview of what the client will receive so they know what they are really signing up for

  • Keep the form short and sweet (we only have the email address for ours).

The Newsletter Content

Mail Chimp E-Newsletter

Above is a screen snapshot of the content management system that Mail Chimp uses, that allows for design customisation. Click to sign up for Mail Chimp Mail Chimp Sign Up

Blossom offer several levels of e-newsletter design

  • Template and postcard masthead Mail Chimp Sign Up

  • Template, postcard masthead, type as image headings (for fancy fonts) Mail Chimp Sign Up

  • Complete e-newletter from start to finish Mail Chimp Sign Up

Tips for Quality E-Newsletters

  • Make sure it is clear they know who it is from

  • Keep the subject line relevant and non "spammy"

  • Make sure you add the date

  • Offer content that is information that the reader whats to hear about

  • Offer some exclusive reader deals (keep these at the top so the reader isn't turned off early)

  • Keep it simple - Blossom® usually have a postcard graphic at the top with the key offer (and a link to our site so they can take up the offer), and then additional links below.

  • Use good images, attractive text and numbers that are easy to read. We can help creating the perfect e-newsletter for your business, either through creating a template that you can then work with each time, or we can design the newsletter on a regular basis for you if you need the help.

Social Media Links

Blossom® always recommend that our boutique clients add links to their Facebook, Twitter accounts and an email to friend link.

Tracking and Reporting to Improve Future Newsletters

Most email marketing providers (e.g. Mail Chimp) offer in depth reporting, so you can see:

  • How many people opened the email

  • Who opened the email and when

  • How many clicks through

  • Who clicked through and when they did

  • Comparison to the industry averages