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Glamorous E-Commerce Design Add-Ons FAQ's

Below is a list of the E-Commerce add-ons and includions to allow you to select the most appropriate design package for your glamorous e-commerce website design. Not all of these are included in all packages. Please check the feature chart for boutique package inclusions.

Boutique Template Design

Boutique web design and Template design


A beautiful template provides the integrated feel and personality of a website, regardless of which page your customers are on. Blossom Graphic and Web Design will provide you with an exquisite template that is exclusive to your company and unique to your brand strategy, giving your site the gorgeous personality your customers desire.

Your custom designed e-commerce template consists of the elements of design that will be included on every page of your site. This usually includes:

  • a beautiful, glamorous site background

  • gorgeously opulent header area that is out of the ordinary

  • side navigation to make getting around your boutique website easy

  • footer with site-map, extra links and SEO friendly keywords and links to your other site pages.

There is are a variety of different styles and positions of these elements. You tell us what goes where and we will make it look as fabulous as possible.

Beautiful Home Page Design

Glamorous Home Page Design for Boutique Business

Your stunning homepage is the first and most important page of a glamorous website, and will get more page views than any other. Blossom will give your boutique site that first indelible impression that will keep your customers coming back for more, thus ensuring the success of your online store.

A captivating and bold homepage that grabs the fickle attention of the online shopper and is the best way to let a user know of specials, events or products. Homepage design consists of only the first page of your site and is between the header and the footer. The goal is to inspire your visitor to become a customer, by clicking through your page. This process starts on the front page and Miss Blossom Design really understands the intricacies of this chain of events and thought pattern to convert a visitor to a customer.

Enticing E-Commerce Boutique Buttons and Icons

Each button or icon on a boutique website provides vital and intuitive navigation for your visitor. Glamorous button and icons design can give your beautiful site an added professional and exclusive touch. Miss Blossom Design™ creates unique buttons that will appear consistently throughout your online store, so your visitor/customer will want to click on them to "add to bag", making purchasing a more beautiful experience. Reward your customer visually before the postman arrives. Here are a few examples of Miss Blossom Design™'s button design styles. We custom design button specifically for each client's online boutique.

Please note that there are approximately 38 buttons throughout your store that will be designed as part of this service - the gorgeous examples below are a cross section of what you'll receive as part of this package.

Beautiful and Chic, Buttons for E Commerce websites

Eye catching Category Graphic Design

Categories Graphic Design for online boutique store

Customised category graphic design is designed to top banner of each of ten categories within your site. Miss Blossom Design™ will create an image displaying a product of interest or a unique graphic, providing quick and easy recognition of each specific category. This can be in a grid or banner format.

Professional Page Headings

Stunning Boutique Page Heading Web Design

Boutique website page heading design\

Consistent, customised page heading banners will be created to top approximately 15 of your site's pages. Each heading will match your new custom design, helping enhance your boutique website site's uniqueness and individuality.

Inviting Slide Show - front page carousel

Carousel Slide show design

Display a series of graphics to illustrate your featured products or a current promotion that you're running. These images are easily updated on your serve in the administration section of your site, and are click-able to any link you desire.

Enhance your homepage click-through rates by adding text and buttons to match your images.

This sideshow functionality is included with all e-commerce packages, on the Level 1 and 2 there are less slides that the Level 3 and 4.

  • Each slide is 'click-able' – links to a matching page within your site

  • Add graphic text and 'More Info' buttons to encourage user action

  • Up to 5 fabulous eye catching slides, depending on the package.

    Gorgeous Thank You Page
    thank you page design for boutique website

When your valuable customer has completed their order or submitted their online form, you really want to leave them with a feel good page. Miss Blossom Design™ will create a page that they are redirected to and this can have social media, specials or whatever you want to keep the client on the site. Miss Blossom Design™ can help to keep them coming back for more.

Easy to Use Contact Page with simple form

Contact Us Page design for online boutique website design

A well designed contact us page is a vital customer relationship tool. Miss Blossom Design™ can design a contact form that your customers complete to send you suggestions, feedback or questions regarding your products. You specify all the fields and the email address that the answers are sent to. A good form can really make a difference to the overall customer experience. Miss Blossom Design™ also add information and icons, and maybe embed a Google map to make you easy to get hold of and find.

404 Error Page

404 error page design for e-commerce website

Beautiful Checkout Design

checkout page design for online boutique website design

checkout page design 2 for online boutique web design

checkoutpage design 3 for e-commerce site design

Keep your brand look consistent down to the detailed checkout process page and "soft add to cart box" (pop up) with Miss Blossom-design™ services. With this premium design service, we will customise your "soft add to cart" pop-up box, product page background colours, sub category summary and the shopping cart summary page.

Shopping in The Future - Mobile Site Design

Mobile Site Design for Glamorous E-Commerce Boutiques

Allow your customers to "shop on the go" with our responsive web design service, and design a mobile version of your website. This will allow people to shop easily from their devices, without having to squint at text on a site that doesn't adapt for mobiles. We would say this us a must-have for the future, as more and more people rely on their mobiles day to day and are using them to shop. A well designed mobile site will make a huge difference to sales down the track.

Deal of The Day

Deal of the Day Design for feminine website design

A Deal of the Day feature helps you easily create irresistible deals to share with your customers, whether it's once a day, several deals a day, or one deal for several days!

Miss Blossom Design™ will create a gorgeous and eye catching Deal of the Day page on your site.

This design service includes:

    • Custom styling of your Deal of the Day page

    • One round of revision with your personal designer

Feedback Form

A feedback form design helps you engage with your customers on your site. Customers can ask a question, give praise and rate your site, or make a request, all using the same form. You can also setup your CRM in-box to receive the form submissions. We can design it so it's not just really functional but also really pretty, in the Blossom® way.

Coming Soon Page

Coming soon Page for your boutique small business


So we can work on your site, Blossom creates custom-designed Coming Soon page allowing you to entice customers, whilst under construction. You can also collect email addresses from visitors to keep in contact with them when you’re ready to launch.

Feature Product Scroll Bar

Select a larger amount of featured products than the ordinary without having to worry about the amount of space it will take up in your homepage, but utilising a scroll bar on your front page.

Social Bar/Icons

A Social Bar is a great place to put your social media icons, plug-ins and feeds without taking up valuable space in your template. When visitors click on the custom designed tab, the Social Footer will slide up and allow them to “Like” your page on Facebook, follow you on Twitter or even watch a video about your company, all without leaving your store! Keeps everything tidy. We also create gorgeous icons which hover states so you twinkle or move on rollover. See Pinterest logo below:

    Social Media Bar and Or Icons for boutique web design Social media bar hover

Quick View

quick view design for e-commerce site design

quick view 2  for e-commerce site design

Quick View is designed to display product details, options, description, and alternative images without the need to actually visit the product page. You can even add to cart right from the Quick View window! It allows visitors to quickly view the details of your products and make faster purchasing decisions. Blossom®  can design this so it is in keeping with the rest of your site.

Twitter Background and Icon Integration and Design

Twitter Background design for boutique small business and WAHM

Social media is a must-have for the small business starting out or growing. Every business must put in place a social media strategy. The twitter page background and icon design is where blossom creates a banner, a square icon and a background and also implements the colour palette of the tweets, background colours and links. Visit Blossom's Twitter page for an idea.

Facebook Banner and Icon Design

Facebook Banner and Icon Design for feminine website design and blog site design

Miss Blossom Design™ will create a Facebook banner that is in keeping with the rest of your branding, along with a profile picture/icon. This is a valuable tool for reinforcing your brand style, message and connecting with customers. A well designed Facebook presence means you look professional, yet approachable in a competitive feminine market. Visit the Miss Blossom Design™ Facebook page for an example.

Blogger Template Design

Blogger Template design for female bloggers

Integrate a simple and easy to use blog with your website, through the use of Google Blogs, or We can customise your blog so it looks like the rest of your online branding, reinforces your brand look and feel and carries your company's message across media.

Gorgeous Newsletter Template Design

Glamorous and effective marketing stategies for e-Newsletter design using Mailchimp

An email newsletter is a powerful marketing tool to stay in touch with your clients and keep them updated about your company. Miss Blossom Design™ will create a professional, custom template that compliments your website design and reflects your unique brand and personality. Visit the Miss Blossom Design™ specific newsletter page for more information.

If there is something that we haven't covered in this page, please ask, as this list is not exhaustive and there are other elements you may want for your e-commerce store.