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Luxury Boutique Logo Design Services

 Luxury Boutique Logo Design Services by Miss Blossom Design™ - Image is a blode pin up with the quote from Dita Von Teese about womanhood.

What Do You Get with A Miss Blossom Design™ Boutique Logo Package?

It is important to realise before starting your boutique logo design process that you realise just how much more you get with a Miss Blossom Design™ logo package than many standard design companies out there, regardless of the logo design package you choose to go with.

The Miss Blossom Design ™ Difference

Diane Kennedy, Miss Blossom Design™'s Creative Director, makes no apologies for her glamorous, luscious designs. No, they aren't the minialist, simple logos that the establishment like to do.

Choosing a Miss Blossom Design™ logo means you get something different. You get a system of visual cues, to form your brand. Who says, in this day and age, that a logo has to be a single flat image. If you want minimal this is not the right place for you. At Miss Blossom Design™ we love all out, "knock your sock" off glamour, exquisitely crafted works of art. There's a reason Miss Blossom Design™ are always fully booked.

Sample Logo Specification Sheet

Boutique Logo Formats Supplied with All Packages

  • Get your no obligation free boutique quote nowBackground that can be used with your logo - to use on cards, web and other print collateral. Generally Miss Blossom Design™ can supply this as a seamless pattern (perfect for web backgrounds) but you need to let Miss Blossom Design™ know at the briefing stage so Miss Blossom Design™ can accommodate your needs.

  • Embellished logo with loads of bling and dimension (again if desired) on a white or transparent background in a layered Photoshop file (PSD), print version in a TIFF, flat print version JPEG file, web GIF, transparent web PNG and web JPEG. These are called raster based files and are based on pixels.

  • Embellished logo on a glam background in the same formats as above.

  • Vector - usually in a flat colour - infinitely scalable format (think of a rubber band - this is based on a mathematical algorithm rather that pixels) suitable for large signage, spot finishes, such as varnishes and foil stamping on things like cosmetics containers, t-shirts, vinyl lettering for signs.

  • If you don't understand the terms on formats above, a great explanation on raster versus vector files is here...

Below is an example of the various versions that Miss Blossom Design™ supply. Every project is different, so it will vary from client to client.

  • Logo on a light background

  • Logo on a dark background

  • Horizontal and square logo formats

  • Colours in Pantone®, hex, RGB and CMYK.

Why Is Your Custom Boutique Logo So Important?

A powerful and glamorous logo is more than just a pretty symbol. A truly memorable, luxury visual identity needs to:

  • Offer instant recognition in the simplest possible way
  • Reveal a series of visual cues, shapes, typography, colours, treatment and textures.

  • Instantly garner a true reflection of your brand culture and values

  • Reveal an in-depth understanding of your niche target market.

Boutique Luxury Logo Design ProcessLet's Get Started Desiging Your Logo!


Miss Blossom Design™ boutique truly love creating luxurious logos and branding for glamorous womens' business. Miss Blossom Design™ logo designs and methodology stand out from crowd, ensuring that your women's business gets a real head start on visual marketing.

Against logo competitionsYour new luxurious boutique logo design is included on everything in your glamorous company's print and digital media arsenal so your logo:

  • is the most essential, important visual asset your small to medium sized enterprise

  • is arguably the most vital element in your marketing tool kit

  • works to communicate your brands' message to the potential customer across all media.

You can be sure that if you are a female targeted business looking to attract a feminine market, Miss Blossom Design™ can create a beautiful and professional boutique logo and identity that your business "baby" deserves, that will be a true reflection of you and your corporate values.

A Boutique Logo Is More Than Just A Pretty Face

Miss Blossom Design™ is very serious about beautiful and glamorous logo design and branding.

  • Yes, it will be beautiful and glamorous.

  • Yes, it will ooze luxurious style and elegance.

  • Yes, it will employ every trick Miss Blossom Design™ have "up our sleeves" to make you shine above your competitor.

beauty without substance is only skin deep.

Our specialty is beautiful but intelligent boutique logo design for a range of businesses and industries, including but not limited to:

  • beauty salons and day spas

  • lingerie and sleepwear brands

  • cosmetic labels

  • tanning products and services

  • feminine hygiene products

  • skin care and beauty brands

  • fashion labels and fashion boutiques

  • travel industry

  • music and entertainment industry

  • small and large scale skincare

  • organic food products

  • baby and children's boutiques

  • adult industry

  • beverage and liquor brands

Blossom Graphic Design Unique Boutique Logo Design Process

Text and Graphical Logo Design Packages

The most popular item Miss Blossom Design™ offer is a package for a text and graphical logo designs. Miss Blossom Design™ have 3 packages:

  • Text and Graphical Logo x 3 Concepts (good for starting businesses - most popular, and if you decide that you need more options you can upgrade)

  • Text and Graphical Logo x 6 Concepts (designed for partnerships where more than one person is making the decision or the client needs more options)

  • Text and Graphical Logo x 9 Concepts (designed for larger companies with a committee or board of decision makers)

These packages basically differ by the number of concepts initially offers from which you can select one (or parts of each one) to revise and refine (we allow 4 rounds of revisions on the packages) until you have the logo of your dreams.

All Miss Blossom Design™ feminine, boutique logo designs are:

  • developed and presented with suitable embellishments and choices of backgrounds you can use across the board on your print and web materials (e.g. diamonds, damask, sparkles, bevels, cupcakes, flowers and more, depending upon the style). Presented as a 297mm x 297mm x 300dpi square PSD (Photoshop Document) file, JPEG, tiff and web .JPG file.

  • developed initially as vector files for printing single colour (as with woven labels, ribbon, tissue and cosmetics). Vector files are infinitely scalable upwards and can be reproduced at any size. Miss Blossom Design™ offer a PDF, EPS, and AI file.

View the Miss Blossom Design™ logo portfolio for examples More information on boutique logos


Luminous Nails Boutique Logo Design

Exclusive, original character illustration

Integrated, Exquisite Boutique Logo and Branding Systems

Miss Blossom Design™ approach boutique logo design and branding from a professional and strategic perspective. Your exquisite and glamorous logo design is not just a name in fancy writing or a pretty picture. Your boutique logo design is part of a visual system that will reinforce your brand and tell the story that you want your existing and potential customers to hear.

It is therefore vital to the long term success of your brand to invest in branding that reflects what you want your business to become. As part of the story of your business your luxury, boutique logo design will need to sit with other visual assets such as icons, flourishes, colours and imagery all designed to reflect the philosophy and message of the brand.

Mansion of Couture Online Boutique Logo Design

Questions to Ask When Writing a Brief

Book in a design project for your feminine boutique businessTo prepare your logo design brief, consider the following:

  • Where is your business/brand now?

  • Where do your want your business/brand to be?

  • Who is your business/brand?

  • Who do you want your business/brand to become?

  • What does your business/brand represent?

  • What do you want your business/brand to represent in the future?

Blossom's Passion Is Your Business

A gorgeous, yet professional new boutique logo design that will stand the test of time, is versatile and reflects the goals and values of your company, is Blossom's specialty. Our full service, integrated approach means that Miss Blossom Design™ consider all aspects of your brand before Miss Blossom Design™ put pen to paper.

Botanica Spa Salon Logo Design

Integrated Logo and branding System

A good logo is a part of a visual identity with a system of titles, type styles, background elements for web and stationery. These are called visual assets because a good corporate identity will boost the value of your business and say "I am serious about my business" to your clients.

Miss Blossom Design™ has the experience, track record and expertise to incorporate your logo into a system secondary assets to create an integrated visual presence through your business literature and collateral. Miss Blossom Design™ specialise in establishing corporate visual standards for small businesses that are planning to grow.

Notes on effective logos

1. Provide a vector version

This is a base file that allows scalability. Miss Blossom Design™ also provide logos in psd files that have a background and style effects (for example to emulate gold embossing on a flat four colour print job). As most of our clients need there logos for the web, business cards, brochures and posters, the Adobe Photoshop "ornate" version is usually perfect. Miss Blossom Design™ always however supply a plain vector version of the logo for things like car lettering and signage).

2. Keep fonts to a minimum

Miss Blossom Design™ generally only use 1 - 2 fonts in a logo, generally 1 script and one simpler font. Anything more and it looks like a ransom note. Miss Blossom Design™ would rarely use 2 different script fonts for example. There is usually one for the main name and then a simpler font for the descriptive part (e.g. "beauty salon", "makeup artist", "day spa").

3. Keep It Legible

If it cannot be read close up or from a distance it won't work effectively as a brand. It need to be immediately legible/readable so people don't walk on by. Make the brand instantly recognisable. This is why certain fonts are unusable. Miss Blossom Design™ are experts in typography and know, glancing at a font, immediately if it will work as a logo. We offer clients a series of differnt fonts once the brief has been received, so the client feels a part of the process.

4. Big and Small

Your new logo needs to be readable and workable on a cosmetics compact or a billboard. This is why we supply a vector version as this is infinitely scalable. The fancy version of the logo can be scaled up to about A0 size and scaled down for social media icons, but larger than A0 it loses image quality, which is why we will supply a simple vector version. Likewise the fancy logo will be too busy to fit on a compact lid (and most cosmetic printing on contacters is just one colour) so the vector version is used in that case.

5. Works on light and dark backgrounds.

Miss Blossom Design™ make sure your logo works on both dark and light background so you have complete design flexibility.

6. Avoid to many elements.

Miss Blossom Design™ is slightly different to most design companies. While a brand is a simple, single image that garners instant recognition. We believe that customers respond to a look and feel, and not just a plain symbol, (as in Coke or Macdonalds). Yes we offer the simple vector version of the logo, and this works well for fast food and drinks, but we are about giving the clients a more elaborate range of visual cues, and elements that then used together to create a feeling of sumptuousness and luxury.


Regal Image Logo Design

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