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Boutique, Chic & Glamorous Web Design Services

Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.
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Get Ready for The Glamorous Website of Your Dreams

View Blossom Graphic and Web Design Boutique Web Design portfolioImagine your website is jaw-droppingly beautiful that your clients can't help but fall in love. Miss Blossom Design™ web design offer the most exquisitely hand-designed, hand-coded, technologically advanced website design and development on the planet.

Miss Blossom Design™ creates truly unique, boutique websites for niche, chic, feminine clients in beauty, fashion, cosmetics, home-wares, apparel, and other female base businesses - creating dream websites worldwide.


Some Types Of Glamorous, Boutique Websites Blossom® Create

  • Boutique Brochure Style Website Design (An informational, brochure online - we do updates for you)More Boutique Website Design Information

  • Boutique Wordpress® Site Design (Blossom® can use Wordpress as a Content Management System - you control content, add-ons, images and hosting, or we can help. More Boutique Website Design Information

  • Big Commerce - Hosted E-Commerce Boutique Online Store Design (online shop that's secure and you can control your inventory and content)More Boutique Website Design Information

Miss Blossom Design™ listens to our clients' exact needs and goals, plan boutique websites to flow organically and handcraft our code, tailoring solutions to meet and exceed each boutique web design brief. Blossom® don't pretend to be anything other that who we are: a small team of talented designers and developers, led by multi-award winning Creative Director, Diane Kennedy. Blossom® are the original Australian boutique web design company. We create website for clients across the planet, USA, UK, France, Italy, Canada, Caribbean, St Barths, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, plus more.

Glamorousl Boutique Design

Abayas Boutique (Saudi Arabia) - Static Informational Website

view Miss Blossom Price guidesA Miss Blossom Design™ designed website will give your business that real leading edge on the competition. Our websites are tailored specifically to the needs of each client, carefully planned and exquisitely executed, using the latest in HTML, JavaScript and CSS code. Miss Blossom Design™ can use non standard web fonts, so your websites are only limited by our imagination.

With Miss Blossom Design™'s huge library of fonts, library of vintage and modern stock images, plus our own images taken in an around Paris, your new site has a totally unique and glamorous look.

A Miss Blossom Design™ designed website is advanced technologically and glamorous and seductively beautiful. Blossom® sites are dripping with style, opulence and luxury. Take a look through our portfolio at some of the lovely sites we have designed for our savvy, entrepreneurial clients.

Our boutique web design and development goal is to have the technology there and definitely include all the bells and whistles of a modern website, but we also aim to move your customers emotionally, drawing them in and really speaking to them in a visual language that they understand.

As a pioneer female website designer, from a print and branding background, Miss Blossom Design™ Creative Director, Diane Kennedy (a fashion, fragrance, vintage and beauty addict) can bring so much to your boutique website, in terms of lusciousness, integrity, calls to action, "look at me" icons that just beg to be clicked and sites that can really communicate your brand's core message.

Powerful Boutique E-Commerce For Women In Business

Miss Blossom Design™ create glamorous high-end boutique website and online e-commerce packages. Miss Blossom Design™ are constantly researching, upgrading and challenging our working methods and processes. Miss Blossom Design™ build websites to include new features (such as the recent HTML5 and CSS3 including @font-face font embedding) and using advanced organic search engine optimising (SEO) techniques.

Miss Blossom Design™ can also can offer genuine mobile versions of your site through the use of clever CSS stylesheets (make sure you mention this in your brief as it is an addition fee), favicons and iOS icons for different devices like iPads and iPhones and Android phones when you add the site as an app.

There are a number of premium additions you can include, such as galleries, PayPal and payment buttons, detailed intuitive contact forms, booking forms and pop up windows. Just tell Miss Blossom Design™ what you are after at the briefing stage so we can make it happen.

Miss Blossom Design™ can design and develop your boutique, informational website, from the initial design concept through to the website's exciting launch, and we provide specialists for each stage of the project.

Beauty, Cosmetics Fashion Industry Specific SEO Services

Book in a design project for your feminine boutique businessOK, so there are loads of SEO (search engine optimisation) specialists out in cyber space, but do they "get" or truly understand what drives traffic to your site? Miss Blossom Design™ are experts in driving traffic to beauty, fashion, cosmetics, and other feminine websites. Miss Blossom Design™ get inside the code of your competitor sites and work out what is driving their traffic. We've got industry experience to know how to really get into the searching strategy of your visitor and potential client, so we can make sure that everything about your site is geared towards search engine optimization- from file naming during the build, linking strategies, social marketing inclusion and fine tuning your site on a regular basis to stay on top of the competition.

Boutique Web Design

Glamorous Blog Design & Web Development

Request your boutique web design and development quoteA blog can be a fantastic standalone website, or can be used in conjunction with your boutique informational or e-commerce website. Because of the variety of our client base, Miss Blossom Design™ can help advise you as to the right blog choice to suit your end goals, budget and business needs.

Our preference for a stand alone blog is Wordpress®. Wordpress® is a fabulous state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. The coding is open source which means that once installed and implemented, there are no licensing fees or ongoing costs, except when you want us to upgrade the security or look and feel.

If your budget is tight, a free e-blogger account with Google, can provide the basic blogging tools, and doesn't cost a lot to customise (although it is less comprehensive in terms of functions and usability). It can also be embedded into your online store as well.

Miss Blossom Design™ has senior designers to create the look and feel of your blog, as well as install and implement the design in an SEO friendly way, utilising your keywords for optimum traffic.

Powerful, Beautiful E-Commerce Store Design

Introduce your gorgeous products and/or services to the world market through our e-commerce provider, Big Commerce®. You can sell online safely and stylishly. Start selling online with your own secure ordering and shopping cart solution, that is tailored specifically for the feminine market.

Because you, new business entrepreneur are an individual, and every business is unique, Miss Blossom Design™ offers bespoke, completely unique design solutions for boutique e-commerce using the backbone of Big Commerce®. Miss Blossom Design™ will tailor an e-commerce shopping cart solution to your special, boutique needs, budget and industry, helping to ensure your online success. Miss Blossom Design™ can create beautiful, feminine and stylish websites for a wide range of businesses including fashion, beauty, cosmetics, haircare and lingerie boutiques.

Miss Blossom Design™ is flexible with solutions, because an e-commerce site needs to address a wide range of usability issues from the customers' needs, not to mention the needs of the administrator.

A note about apps:

Miss Blossom Design™ has also built several apps for mobile devices that can make your website device specific, so your clients can shop from their phone. If you require a mobile version of your site, please let us know so we can build it into the cost of the site development. It's a little more, but it can make the difference between closing a sale or the customer going elsewhere, so definitely a great add-on.

BeautiFul E-Newsletters With A Strong ROI

Request your boutique web design and development quoteOpt-in mailing lists with E-newsletters educate and remind your customers about your boutique web business and it's products and/or services. The return on the effort is high, especially if it is beautiful, targeted and great to read with a high click through rate. We recommend m

Using luxurious, glamorous, enticing and inspiring images, titles and copy can encourage customers to "click through" and improve your boutique website performance.

Keeping in touch with existing and potential customers in a cost effective and environmentally friendly way is fundamental. Not only will you save money on printing, but you'll be saving trees as well. Introduce your new feminine products, sales, new boutique services, techniques and tips.

Implement a newsletter system into your marketing plan that is measurable, cost effective and, importantly is SPAM law compliant. There are several user friendly companies that offer third party newsletter services and we know the best ones for each size and style of business. Not only that, but we can add a newsletter field into your store in a matter of minutes so you can set up a professional database and create professional looking e-newsletters, just like the big guys.

Blossom can design your initial newsletter template so you can complete future newsletters yourself, or we can design your successive newsletters. The choice is yours. You'll be able to track who opens, clicks through and and who forwards your newsletter.

Glamorous, Elegant Graphics, Icons, Titles & Illustrations

Miss Blossom Design™ can create stylish, chic graphics, social media icons, banners, along with many other web based visuals to spice up your internet presence. Fancy animated .GIF, pretty and effective banners and gorgeously girly titles are my specialty.

Powerful Website Management and Development

Maintain your Boutique BlogA website can be one of the most successful tools for the promotion of your feminine business online. A successful boutique website is always well planned and well maintained. This is vital, not for just aesthetics and content, but also security.

Blossom knows that not all small business owners have resources for a staff web designer. If your time is valuable or you don't have the knowledge and skills, you may not be able to do this yourself.

This is the reason Miss Blossom Design™ decided to introduce a website management plan.

The time included in each plan can be used in many ways to improve your website including:

  • Design and development of new and glamorous web pages
  • Updating news, deals/special offers and links pages

  • Updating security on blogs and shopping carts

  • Improving search engine placement (SEO)

  • Updating product information

  • Replacing outdated prices or updating your price list

  • Reviewing your online marketing and social media strategy

Boutique Domain Registration/Hosting

With Miss Blossom Design™'s experience in setting up hosting and registering domain names, we are able to help take the confusion out of the web for newbies. Many new business entrepreneurs are not sure where to start, or in fact, what hosting and registration are.

Miss Blossom Design™ can help take the hassle out of hosting and direct you to the best solution for your needs. You'll need a great domain name, as well as secure and reliable hosting. Click here to read more about starting out on the web...

Miss Blossom Design™'s own web hosting provider is eco-friendly and we use carbon neutral hosting. Everything our host provider, Digital Pacific uses across their business operations including servers, routers and air conditioners are eco- powered. So not only would you be hosting your website on state of the art hardware, you're also showing your commitment to a more sustainable world. Click here to find out more about Digital Pacific's carbon neutral business hosting and email services.

Miss Blossom Design™ Niche Web Design Philosophy

Miss Blossom Design™ specialise in design for a feminine audience. We don't do "masculine", "masculine", male oriented or plain. If you are after a site that inspires and motivates predominantly women, Miss Blossom Design™ can design a web solution for you. After years of experience we know what works online and what drives women to buy online.

Elegant Websites for women

A common theme that has emerged has been women in small business calling up after having difficulties communicating with their web designer/graphic and not getting the website that they wanted, even after paying up to tens of thousands of dollars. Miss Blossom Design™ can also fix many sites that have been designed with a male consumer in mind, changing icons, graphics and type styles.

People come to Miss Blossom Design™ usually via referrals from previous clients, or word of mouth because Blossom has a proven track record of making the whole process simple without any hidden costs, and we always go the extra step in ensuring online success for our clients.

Boutique, Feminine E-Commerce Specialist

Miss Blossom Design™ will go out of our way to explain potentially confusing aspects of e-commerce and web design to our clients (many of whom are unfamiliar with the technology, making them vulnerable in this relatively new market). We will outline what the costs are up front, what you are actually paying for, and ensure you are totally happy with the concepts before we proceed to the implementation stage.

Women and Men Buy Differently Online

The web can be such a male paradigm and Blossom was set up to address the needs of mostly female business owners/managers, wanting to target a predominantly feminine customer base.

Our market research also tells us not to assume all women are the same. We won't patronise or generalise your website design. We meet so many new client who have gone down the track of design with a larger corporate style web design company and it has not resulted in what they want. We listen and we really "get" the way women and female target market browser, purchase and come back again for more.

High End...Not Lowest Common Denominator

Recently I was working with what I would call an "old school" web developer. I was working on the concepts and he was working on the programming. His primary concern, was to ensure that the site loaded quickly and efficiently on all computers i.e. setting the sit up for the lowest common denominator. Now, while I understand the need for this, he was employing tactics that we used years ago in the days of dial up and tiny screens.

As a result, the client ended up with a fast site, that someone with the slowest computer on the planet could have viewed on the tiniest screen. Guess what though...the product was aimed at a mid to high-end targeted demographic, aimed at the western affluent market...the majority of whom have big screens and super fast broadband.

The Miss Blossom Design™ point is simple. Would you design a walk in shop, for a luxury product, using the same philosophy as a variety store - fast, efficient economical - in case some people were alienated?

No. You would ensure everything was luxurious, of the highest quality, gorgeous, intimate and beautiful. Even if it took the customer a little longer to purchase the product.

Why? Because it is about the experience of the purchase and how you feel about the visit - not about "getting in and out" as fast as possible.

It's food for thought when deciding between high image quality, page load speed and designing for the lowest common denominator.

Shopping Trolley Versus Bags and Baskets

Supermarkets offer trolleys and plastic or wire baskets. Does a boutique operate on a quality rather than quantity basis? Yes. Most women are not overly fond of supermarket shopping, so why have a "buy" icon that looks like one from the supermarket or green grocer if you are selling high end products? Big Commerce® allows us to customise these icons, so we can encourage women to click that "add to bag" icon.

Make Up Bag Vintage shopping cart icons

Do You Use A Trolley To Buy Designer Products?

Miss Blossom Design™ prefers to think outside the square, and use a high end looking shopping bag, make up case or nice handbag. While there is a place for the stock standard "cart" most of my clients are boutiques and would prefer a more sensitive, up market approach.

We feel that the shopping cart, while it says "buy me" is not always the most clever answer to inducing a woman to part with her hard earned cash. I'd prefer to see a make up case, shopping bag, pram or even a little wardrobe. Something evocative, glamorous and visually inspiring.

Additional Information and Tips For Web Design Process

Some Miss Blossom Design™ Boutique Web Design Examples

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