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Caring For the Environment

Environmentally Friendly Graphic Designer - Our Commitment to Sustainable Business Practices

As vocal advocates of ecologically sustainable business practices, Miss Blossom Design is committed to protecting and restoring our environment. Miss Blossom loves the planet endeavours to use ecologically sustainable practices wherever possible.

We also encourage our beautiful clients to follow sustainable habits. For a business or company to have a future, there needs to be a planet in which to succeed.

When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.  ~John Muir

Why did we win Bronze?

Miss Blossom Design™'s work with the world's first organic premixed cocktail won us a Bronze at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, using:

  • recycled paper on the label and the shipping box

  • eco-friendly production methods

  • a tree planted for every bottle sold
  • beautiful design

Miss Blossom Design™ is proud to align with sustainable and environmentally aware companies like OM (Organic Mixology) Cocktails.

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Moving forward, every new business must consider the environmental impact of their products and/or services on the Mother Earth. It is our responsibility to do what we can, even in small ways, to reduce our carbon footprint.

Making a change to protect our children's future doesn't need to be a huge shift, just making incremental changes in how we work, Miss Blossom Design™ endeavour to lead by example.

Ways to reduce our carbon footprint

  • Reducing virgin pulp paper waste by using plantation or recycled paper for office communications.

  • Reducing paper and emissions by using electronic invoicing, time tracking and communications as often as possible.

  • Using carbon neutral host servers such as Digital Pacific and Glow Host.

  • Replacing studio lighting with energy efficient bulbs.

  • Using air conditioning only when opening a window doesn't suffice.

  • Turning off all appliances and computers at night.

  • Using computers and screens with energy saving preferences.

  • Popping on a jacket rather than turning on a heater.

  • If a heater is necessary using green power where possible.

  • Contractors are encouraged to telecommute whenever practical.

  • Using electronic delivery instead of burning DVD/CD's.

  • Using online processes to prevent paper waste.

  • Offering recycled print methods to clients if requested.

  • Recycling all studio paper, plastic, glass.
  • Asking for downloadable invoices over printed invoices from suppliers

  • Not supporting businesses or companies that harm the planet or its people.

  • Always looking for ways to reduce our energy usage and protect this beautiful planet.

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