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Miss Blossom Design™ Boutique Design Philosophy

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.
Coco Chanel - woman pin up sitting on a dressing table with a bikini

Niche Market Experience, Talent & Professionalism

Miss Blossom Design™'s success is due largely to our decision to focus on creating ultra lovely and branding/logo design, beautiful graphic design for print and the web, that is also extremely professional. While there are some "boutique" design studios online that create work for this niche area of graphic and web design, very few have the multi-award winning, large advertising agency and high-end graphic design studio experience that Diane Kennedy and the Miss Blossom Design™ team bring to your project.

Whether you are looking for a luxury spa design package or a glamorous web design, this consummately professional expertise is the key factor that will ensure your brand's success online and in print.

Fashion and Cosmetics Graphic Design Quote

Your business can be exquisite, glamorous, fashion forward as well as intelligent and effective. Fabulous, glamorous, and stylish graphic and web design is the Miss Blossom Design™ specialty, but there must be something beyond just an enticing facade. Truly successful web and graphic design needs to not only look good, but be intelligent and results driven.

Mutually Beneficial Relationship - Win/Win

Book in a design project for your feminine boutique business Miss Blossom Design™ has reinvented and rejuvenated many businesses and their marketing and brand strategy, through cost effective, incremental approaches. Generally a start up business will come to us for a boutique logo design and then, often will grow through our services into a glamorous web design.

Our approach to business relationships are of mutual benefit - Win/Win. With clear goals and strategies, as well as managed expectations on both sides, your business will bloom and grow and we will help you to grow further.

The Miss Blossom Design™ strategy for client retention is simple. Miss Blossom Design™ do great work and care about the success of our clients.

Your first step with a new graphic and website design company does not have to be a massive leap into the unknown. We suggest that you start with one step, often with a stunning logo design, and gradually as you feel comfortable with our methods and work, you can grow with us, into print and web design.

Bloom and Grow with Miss Blossom Design™

Miss Blossom Design™'s main motivation is to help our clients achieve their ambitions. Miss Blossom Design™ aim to lift the visual standards of smaller boutique brands so they can succeed in a competitive market against the big guys.

So many small businesses settle for average design to save money and in the end it costs more because the result doesn't "cut it" in the business world.

Get your branding and marketing mix spot on from the get go, the first time and the money you spend will reward you with success in the longer term.

High End, Upscale and Glamorous Results

The creation, evolution and development of a new, glamorous and feminine brand is Miss Blossom Design™'s specialty. The Miss Blossom Design™ goal is to provide the our niche market clients with a wealth of knowledge, support and skills as well as gorgeous visual marketing assets.

Miss Blossom Design™ Truly Understands & Embraces The Feminine Market

Have you experienced designers and developers eyes glaze over when you start to speak about the passions of your target market? Most developers wouldn't know a Jimmy Choo from a gum boot, let alone understand the machinations of the female mind in shopping mode.

Read Blossom Boutique Graphic and Web Design TestimonialsMiss Blossom Design™ really "gets" how to design and market to women for spa, beauty, fashion and cosmetics design. We live and breathe opulent, beautiful and fashion forward graphic and web design.

We collect stylish, girly packaging, pretty design, sassy snippets, inspirational books and all forms of beauty, food and cosmetics packaging, especially fragrance.

Miss Blossom Design™ even travel to destinations such as Paris to photograph unique vintage elements for websites and print materials with images that you won't see anywhere else.

Miss Blossom Design™ designers are the biggest packaging design suckers and pretty much buy anything that is wrapped up nicely.

Miss Blossom Design™ finds inspiration in French Baroque, Rococo, Versailles, vintage advertising, burlesque dancers, vintage wrapping pager and fabric, kitsch illustration, shabby chic furniture, vintage lingerie, lace, antiques, French Provincial Style, Italian Renaissance, nostalgia and 1950's in general.

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Miss Blossom Design™ is Different

Taking into account all the reasons why a female client will purchase niche specific product or service, our collaborative approach to your design result will meet and exceed anything you can imagine. Our consistently high standard of creative expertise is what keeps our treasured customers happy and successful.

Miss Blossom Design™ will help you to negotiate the often, very male oriented side of e-commerce and web marketing, by infusing your web design with personality and finesse.

Everyone was an e-novice once (including us!) and we appreciate that other people, no matter how accomplished, may be coming to the web from a completely new or different frame of reference. Miss Blossom Design™ will listen, get to know you, appreciate and anticipate your print and online desires and needs.

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