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Who Is Miss Blossom Design™?

Glamorous Boutique Website Design For Beauty, Beverage, Spa, Skincare, Cosmetics and Feminine Clients

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Miss Blossom Design™ Boutique is nestled between palm trees on the gorgeous Palm Beach, Gold Coast, Australia. Featuring a team of talented designers, digital developers and project managers, Blossom's team collectively possesses dozens of years experience in a range of genres, from popular culture and entertainment, real estate (high end) and luxury lifestyle, through to retail, personal care and natural therapies. Miss Blossom Design's team has created beautiful branding, web and print design for boutique clients across the globe in from here in Australia, through USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Miss Blossom Design™ is a small studio, where every job matters and every client is valued. Even so, we can scale to handle large projects quickly. Miss Blossom Design™ isn't pretending to be bigger than she is, no need to. The volume and quality of highly creative design work we can do speaks for itself and our clients keep coming back and our client base builds every week. Miss Blossom Design™ believes in helping SMEs to thrive and grow. Our goal is to empower the small business owner with world class branding, graphic and web design.

Miss Blossom Design™ team consists of:

  • Vera Senior Designer/Art Director - Vera creates all the design

  • Katie (Accountant and Bookkeeper Extraordinaire, keeping our taxes up to date and all our books in order).

  • Jake (Web Super Hero - based in London, and thanks to the wonder of the internet, Jake is our senior developer and will take Vera's concepts and turn your web dreams into a reality - Jake is an absolutely web genius with a creative eye and a very much loved and valued part of Miss Blossom's team).

Miss Blossom Design™ specialises in glamorous, yet clever, logo design, boutique website design and e-commerce development and production, as well as gorgeous and effective graphic design for print.

Miss Blossom Design™ encourages glamorous clients to spread their wings internationally and capture a global market. Who better to help you do this than a company who has successfully marketed not only themselves, but hundreds of clients across the world?

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Boutique Design Studio Backed by Large Agency Experience

Unique and boutique is the direction from which people want to purchase. The larger prestige or "mass-tige" brands in beauty and fashion, are everywhere and nothing is special. High-end has become mainstream due to market saturation. The super brands are buying out the boutique brands or even implementing a mock-boutique ("mock-tique") brand, to garner customer loyalty. Miss Blossom Design™create true boutique brands, and love it.

The Miss Blossom Design™ passion and obsession for "beauty and brains". Opulence and intelligence into every aspect of the uniqueMIss Blossom design™ style.

Miss Blossom Design™ Boutique truly understands the beauty, spa, cosmetics, make up, lingerie and fashion business as well as beverage and other boutique lines, inside and out... from sourcing the manufacture of products through to delivery in the retail setting.

Miss Blossom Design™ covers the gap in the market for high quality, professional female focused graphic and web design that is approachable and achievable for small and medium sized businesses.

Yes, there are lots of small WAHM or small design firms out there, but few come close to Miss Blossom Design™'s professionalism, experience and visually sophisticated approach to business marketing. With a genuine desire to help SME's succeed, we provide a professional result, that gives you great value for the results, you'll want to work with a true boutique design agency.

Through Miss Blossom Design™ has helped launch literally hundreds of small to medium sized businesses successfully across the world.

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